Our Story

Hollow Tree Honey Foundation founder, Tom Bench, has had a fascination for bees since he was a young child. As a student, he founded the University of Utah Beekeepers, which continues to maintain hives on campus and educate the campus community about the importance of bees. Tom co-founded his company, Hollow Tree Honey, in 2013 and has grown that business from local farmers markets to groceries stores across Utah making unheated local honey more accessible to Utah honey lovers. The company has offered flower seeds to honey customers in an effort to create more food for the local bees throughout the season. In late 2018, in order to further the company’s conservation efforts, Tom collaborated with Grip6 Belt Company to create the Hollow Tree Honey Foundation. Amy Sibul, from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Utah, now serves as the scientific lead on the HTHF Board of Directors. Since its creation HTHF has focused on hosting fun community Bee Box events to educate the community and increase pollinator habitat. Community members have come together to build over 500 bee boxes dispersed throughout Utah and learn ways to protect bees through educational workshops. Join in our efforts to SAVE THE UTAH BEE!