Plant These to Feed the Bees

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One of the main threats facing bees today is habitat loss due to urbanization. If you are concerned for the health of pollinators, adding a variety of flowering plants to your own backyard is a great way to restore areas to be productive for pollinators. Here are a few plants that bees love, and will help encourage a healthy population of bees and other pollinating species:


Sweet Alyssum

California Poppy

Plains Coreopsis

Rocky Mtn. Bee Plant

Globe Gilia


Rocky Mtn.Pensetemon
Gordon's Ivesia
Black-Eyed Susan
Sticky Geranium
Colorado Columbine





Some things to keep in mind: It is best to incorporate a variety of plants in your garden, including some native flowers, to encourage bee health. Choosing plants that will flower at different intervals – from early spring to late summer – is important in order to give pollinators a steady food source throughout the season. Bees will be most attracted to flowers that are purple, blue, white, and yellow. Finally, many bees are ground nesting and require bare soil to build their nests. If you can, leave some open spaces – free of mulch and vegetation – to encourage these species. 

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