Bee Habitat Box Workshops

In 2019 we held a Spring and Fall Workshop where volunteers worked together to build Native Bee Boxes to increase habitat space for local pollinators.

It starts with volunteers who collect the reeds.

Truck full of supplies

The Foundation relies on volunteers to prepare and run the workshops. Anyone can sign up to become a volunteer.

 Family drilling a box Saving the bees is a family affair.

Small boy building a box You can make a difference in your community at any age. Some children worked with their parents to build their own boxes.

Toddler smiles with a table full of reeds Others were there for support.

The reeds are cut down to fit in the boxes. Their shape and size make a perfect shelter to small pollinators, without attracting larger wasps.

Women filling a bee box with reeds Working together, enough reeds are gathered to fill their boxes.

Women holding their completed Bee Habitat Boxes Completed boxes being shown off.

Family learning to recognize Native Bees A Family learns about native bees of all sizes and colors.

Bee Box hanging in a backyardThe boxes will be hung through the community to create habitat space for local pollinators that was destroyed by developing the land for housing and businesses.